Tae Kwon Do (also spelled Taekwondo and abbreviated TKD) is the most popular Korean martial art and an event in the Olympic Games. It literally means “foot hand way.”
Traditional Tae Kwon Do practitioners typically wear a V-neck uniform. We offer an assortment of grades and colors for today’s Tae Kwon Do practitioners. You can get our classic Tae Kwon Do white uniforms in several weights and styles. We also offer you striking solid color Tae Kwon Do uniforms for demonstration teams. What’s more, you can see our traditional Poom Do Bok uniforms, a red and black collared V-necks used in classical training to signify a Jr. Black Belt., as well as our Moo Duk Kwon fold-over design, which honors the famous school founded by Hwang Kee in 1945. Whatever your needs, you’ll find the best in Tae Kwon Do supply and Tae Kwon Do equipment here at BENZASPORTS.CA