5 Must Have Muay Thai Fighter Gym Gears

Are you learning the Muay Thai boxing sport? If yes, then you might be regularly visiting the muay thai gym. Did you ever wonder why everyone there is carrying a huge gym bag with them? This gym bag actually consists of all the safety and training gears that are required to practice the sport safely. Since it is a fighters game, there is need to remain alert and safe all the time to prevent any serious face, brain, muscle and back injuries.

Some of the must have Muay Thai gears are:

  1. Boxing Gloves

    The foremost sports gear that is needed during the training and match session is a pair of boxing gloves. Since the sport is all related to gloves, it is a must have gear that you must carry in your training bag. It’s ideal to carry an extra pair of gloves for sparring and drilling purposes.

  2. Headgear

    When it comes to Muay Thai, the skull is one of the injury prone body parts that needs to be protected at every cost. No matter, you are a learner or a professional player, headgear is a vital sports equipment that you must carry in your bag. Don’t avoid wearing it while playing with your opponent or practicing alone.

  3. Shin Guard

    No one knows when and where will you receive an injury. Its better to remain protected against such unpleasant situations. Shin guards are a piece of sports gear that protect your legs from the full force punches. They not only benefit you during practice but also protects your partner against injuries.

  4. Hand Wraps

    Hand wraps are meant to protect your hands against the impacts of kicks and punches. As a player, you should have many pairs of hand wraps in your wardrobe. To ensure safety while playing or practicing, carry a couple of hand wraps in your gym bag.

  5. Mouth Guard

    It is a crucial as well as the cheapest sports gear that you must wear during the muay thai session. These guards are designed to protect your jaw and teeth against punches and their impact. No matter, you are a beginner or a professional player, always carry a mouth guard in your gym bag.

These are some of the must have muay thai gears that you should always carry in your gym bag. If you are planning to purchase a pair of branded boxing gloves and other martial art equipment, make an online order at Benza Sports.