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5 Perks That You Can Experience By Buying Gymnastic Mats

For a safe workout, your training gym mats are something that works as a barrier between the workout and an injury. Gym mats are easily placed in the space of any home corner and make in use for stretching and warming up. Although there are numerous mats to choose from, the only need is to […]

5 Big Punching Mistakes That Can Hit You Back Badly

Boxing is the game in which a player can’t take anything for granted if he wants to grow. For the beginners, being ready with every single technique may be overwhelming and has to face possible mistakes every second. In order to overcome such situation, one must be well-prepared with the equipment and gears that are […]

5 Simple Tips To Punch Hard Your Opponent

Boxing is about punching the heavy bag or your competitor. While punching, it’s essential for the player to learn how to position his body to give an effective shot. Only a proper punching technique makes you able to give a powerful punch and also increases the winning chances. Apart from learning right punching trick, a […]

Adopt These 5 Useful Tips To Enhance Your Boxing Footwork

When it comes to learning boxing, practicing is the only key that makes you perfect for every punch. For a player, footwork is just as important as hand practice for punching. There are a number of exercises that are specially meant to enhance the footwork and offer better balance and positioning. When you are standing […]

3 Considerations To Be Taken Before Purchasing Boxing Gloves

To enhance the quality of your training, it’s important for the boxer to choose the right pair of boxing gloves. If someone goes with low-quality gloves, then it can increase the risk of injuries while practicing with a heavy bag. There are a number of boxing glove brands that are available to buy but its […]