5 Big Punching Mistakes That Can Hit You Back Badly

Boxing is the game in which a player can’t take anything for granted if he wants to grow. For the beginners, being ready with every single technique may be overwhelming and has to face possible mistakes every second. In order to overcome such situation, one must be well-prepared with the equipment and gears that are helpful in minimizing the injuries. As long as you are careful in the ring, it’s essential to avoid performing few punching tricks that can hit you badly.

By avoiding few punching mistakes, one can minimize the risk of severe injuries:

  1. Keeping Exposed

    Most of the fighters keep their face exposed which is completely a deadly mistake. It is such a weak defense in which fighters usually drop their hands and forget to keep their face down. Such an activity allows the opponent to give a knockout punch.

  2. Forget Footwork

    Apart from concentrating on the punching technique, it’s vital to be right on footwork. One has to make suitable adjustments and must be careful to not put much weight on the foots. In order to improve your footwork, one must do regular practice with the jumping rope.

  3. Lifted Hips

    The another most common mistake committed by the players is that they lift the hips when they are punching. It’s completely incorrect attitude of being upward and can injure the player badly. One must make sure to keep proper balance before moving into the ring.

  4. Flared Elbows

    This is one of the mistakes which is usually committed even by the experienced fighters. A time when player flare out his elbows, gives an opportunity to the opponent to throw the punch. So, one must avoid keeping elbows far away as it can transfer you hard punch.

  5. Not Exhaling

    When a landing a punch, some players forget to exhale and hold the breath. This makes them suffer or experience an explosive punch. It’s essential to take breathe to extend your power.

If you are really making such mistakes, then never make them your continuous activity. One must make it a point to correct them and keep a focus on improving. In order to buy quality equipment for you, you can contact us at Benza Sports Martial Supplies Store.