Things You Must Know About The Karate Belts & Sashes

Karate is a world widely performed martial art meant for self-defense. The uniform for this sport includes a plain white dress with a colored belt. Most of the time, people are a bit confused about the color of the belt and believes that it’s just a matter of choice. In reality, the belts and sashes in martial arts mean that a student is in a specific level of training. Also, the black belt doesn’t symbolize a person has become a master. It actually means that the wearer is competent in the basic Karate technique.

Few things you must know about the belt colors include:

  • White Belt

White is the color for a student who is new to the martial arts and is currently gaining knowledge about the Karate. It is worn by the trainees for whom this sport is completely new.

  • Yellow Belt

Yellow is the color of a new start. Students who have started receiving the playing instructions from their instructors are allowed to wear a yellow belt.

  • Orange Belt

Orange symbolizes heat and warmth. If the student begins to feel their mind and bodies growing, they are asked to year the orange belt.

  • Green Belt

Green stands for the new growth. In the terms of martial arts, green belts are given to players who are refining their playing technique and coming out stronger.

  • Blue Belt

Blue depicts the sky and the journey to reach higher. Blue belt students come up a little higher and seek additional knowledge in the Karate techniques.

  • Purple Belt

Purple signifies the change and prepares for a new advent. A purple belt means the student is preparing to become an advanced student and are on their way to getting a black belt.

  • Brown Belt

Brown depicts ripening of a seed. A student who is given a brown belt is actually progressing towards maturity and progress.

  • Red Belt

Red stands for the sun’s energy. A red belted student have acquired more knowledge, depth and physical strength in the martial art.

  • Black Belt

Black is known for darkness beyond the sky. Black belt students have more profound knowledge of martial arts and have the potential of becoming instructors to the beginners.

So, these are the few secrets behind the karate belts and sashes you must know. If you are looking to buy Karate uniform and belts in Canada, place an online order at Benza Sports.