Choose The Right Boxing Gloves for Yourself!

Choose The Right Boxing Gloves for Yourself!

Combat sports are without a doubt one of the most entertaining sports that exist in the world. They’re a lot of fun to watch or participate in. However, sports like boxing and MMA can also be horrendous, if you don’t follow the necessary safety measures or use the right gear. For any combat sports athlete, being equipped with the right gloves is of utmost importance.

Boxing gloves help an athlete, offensively as well as defensively. So, it is crucial to pick the right ones. Here’s how to do that.

  • Right size

    This goes without saying, if you are in a ring with a guy, who’s trying to punch your face, you want your gloves to fit perfectly and not get thrown out of your hand, into the air. Boxing gloves that are new and haven’t been used before, have a lot of room, it eventually goes away at the impact zones as you throw more punches. So, don’t get gloves that fit very closely at the beginning.

  • Train in heavier gloves

    Many people train in heavier gloves to improve their punching speed. Once they return to usually gloves, their hand movements are faster and this gives them an edge over their opponent in a match. So, if you normally use 8oz gloves in a match, using 10oz for training should be good.

  • Match your style

    Some fighters are heavy punchers, some like to rely on a lot of short but fast punches. Depending on your style of playing, you could pick gloves that compliment your methods. For instance, it makes sense for a power puncher to opt for slightly heavier gloves as they don’t really depend on their speed to strike their opponent and the added padding in heavier gloves would help them defend against punches when their hands are up. In the same way, quick punchers should go for lighter gloves as it would allow them to throw a lot of punches without getting exhausted and find chinks in the opponent’s pull guard.

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