What To Consider Before Buying A Jigsaw Mat?

What To Consider Before Buying A Jigsaw Mat?

Martial arts is one of the most sought forms of sports in today’s world. Some take it as training for discipline, while some take it as a form of defence learning. Martial arts are performed only with specific tools and equipment, types, surfaces, and materials. And, yes, determining what suits an individual can be a daunting task.

You might have heard about Judo Mats, Korean Mats, Wacoku Mats, Tatami Mats. Have you heard of Jigsaw Mats? What are they? And, how shall one buy Jigsaw Mats? Here are some of the considerations to take into account when purchasing Jigsaw mats.

Plan out Your Space

How much do you need to fill with this jigsaw mat? Make sure to measure the area efficiently and adequately to understand what your need is actually. Based on how much room you are assigning to it, you will set out to buy the mat and get relevant pricing for the same.

The Thickness

How to choose the right thickness for your Jigsaw mats? It all depends upon the critical fall height, the firmness of the surface, and the durability. Moreover, choosing the thickness also relies on the kind of activity you are planning to practice.

The Finish

The most common type of Finish for Jigsaw mats is non-abrasive and non-slip texture. It helps in balancing by providing an agile grip and ensures that it is perfect for hefty groundwork. The standard Jigsaw Mats have Tatami Mats’ Finish. Different mats have differently finished as they are used for other activities.

The Shore A Hardness

Shore A is a measure of a material’s hardness- elastomers, polymers, rubbers, etc. They are based on how hard or soft the surface is. The one with the hard surface scores higher, whereas the one with the smooth surface scores less. The Shore, A score between 50 and 55, is regarded as ideal to use.

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