How To Keep Your Boxing Gloves Clean and Odor Free

Whether you are an expert or an aspiring boxer, it is incredibly essential to keep your gear clean. If you use boxing gloves on the daily basis, the smell of sweaty gloves after an intense boxing session is something that you deal with daily. If you have ever left the pair of boxing gloves in the gym bag overnight, they can become smelly.

Stinky or smelly gloves are not only embarrassing in the class, in fact, they are also harmful for you. The odor that builds up in a pair of sweaty gloves comes from bacteria and germs, which can infiltrate a scratch or cut on your hands and lead to infection. Wrapping your hands before putting on the gloves is one of the best ways to absorb the sweat. But cleaning the boxing gloves on a regular basis is still essential.

  1. Don’t leave them in your gym bag: Your training or gym bag is a great breeding ground for bacteria or germs. If you leave your boxing gloves in the bag after every sparring session, you will find a pair of gloves getting stinkier, especially in the warmer season. It is crucial to take them out of training bad after every session when you get home.
  2. Wipe them out: Immediately when you get the gloves out of your training bag, wipe them out with a cloth to absorb the excess moisture. White vinegar or apple cider vinegar is good to clean the gloves properly. Never ever use harsh cleaning sprays on the pair of gloves.
  3. Don’t leave the gloves in the sunlight: Sun is the greatest way to dry out many things, but your boxing gloves are not one of them. If it is necessary, you can leave gloves in the sun for a few minutes, because too much sun can damage the gloves. If you want to dry the gloves in the sun, don’t leave them out for more than fifteen to twenty minutes.
  4. Use cedar chips: Take an old pair of socks and fill it with cedar chips. Tie a loose knot at the open end and insert the stuffed socks inside the gloves. Cedar chips are good to absorb the excess moisture and bacteria. Leave them at least twenty four hours.
  5. Wear hand wraps: Hand wraps are not only for protection, but it also helps to keep the moisture out of your boxing gloves. When bacteria, germs and moisture get the space in your boxing gloves, it is just like they find their house in the heaven. Cut down the amount of bacteria by wearing hand wraps.

These given tips help you to keep the gloves fresh for longer. By keeping them fresh, you can carry on using your favorite pair of gloves. By following these tips, you can easily increase the life of your favorite boxing gloves. If you have any question or query regarding boxing gloves, you can consult with Benza Sports.