The Top Best Boxing Gloves For Beginners

If you are a novice in the world of boxing, you will surely find a huge array of boxing gloves with several styles, sizes, prices, weights and brands. With this wide variety, you may feel overwhelming as to which ones are going to be the best match for your requirements.

What to look for in beginner boxing gloves

  1. Size: The best way to get started is to determine which size is perfect for you. The size of boxing gloves is displayed as an ounce or oz. Boxing gloves should have a snug and comfortable fit. The most common sizes are 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz and 16oz.
  2. Cost: You are not a professional. So, don’t make a mistake by buying costly professional gloves. As a beginner, you need to purchase a new pair of gloves according to your budget.
  3. Comfort and support: Once you have got an idea that what size you are going to need, you should also be sure to try them out with hand wraps on.

Some of the glove categories you should try as a beginner are:

  1. Leather boxing gloves with gel padding

    If you want to train yourself exclusively in a safer way, then these are one of the appropriate glove categories you are looking for. It is manufactured with full grain cow hide leather and is filled with three layers of gel padding. This padding is meant to absorb heavy duty shocks, punches and gruel hits. They deliver unmatched features for custom fit, comfort and impact resistance.

  2. Training & sparring gloves

    These durable polyurethane gloves offer outstanding protection and performance. They are designed to soak the palm moisture and sweat, thereby, keeping your hand dry and comfortable. Sparring gloves are made with high compression inner material and a foam strap for the hook and loop closure.

  3. Competition fit boxing gloves

    These are one of the American styled glove categories that are ideal for competitive fights. They are composed of a quick hook-and-loop closure and reliable design that allows easy palm movement. These boxing gloves are treated to offer anti-microbial features that are helpful in preventing bacterial infections and bad odor.

  4. Ultra hide training & sparring gloves

    Another famous American style boxing gloves that are used both for sparring or workouts are ultra hide gloves. They are made of high quality polyurethane material that promotes durability and comfort. They feature a high density, multilayer foam and cushioned grip palm for precision fist. With hook-and-loop closure wrap, these gloves offer a convenient fit with increased support.

Overall, boxing gloves are just a form of protection. No matter which category you choose, make sure it should protect your hands and sparring partner. When you are beating on the heavy punching bag, you want the best protection so that you are not damaging your hands.