Popular Categories Of Boxing Gloves To Choose From

If you are a novice to the sport of boxing and doesn’t know what glove type will work best for you, don’t worry. To save you from wasting money, we have accomplished a detailed list of glove categories that are suitable for practicing, warming up and kick boxing sessions. Each glove type serves a specific purpose, therefore, before choosing a glove one should be aware of his boxing needs and purpose.

Some of the common glove types are listed below:

  1. Bag Gloves

    Bag gloves are one of the boxing practice gloves that are designed to protect your hands, instead of your opponent or the item you’re hitting. They are specially meant for punching heavy and double end bags. They serve the purpose of protecting your knuckles from the forceful impact that is encountered when the bags are hit hard. There are two types of bag gloves i.e classic and modern that differ in the extent of padding. Modern gloves are highly recommended compared to the classic ones.

  2. Sparring Gloves

    One of the most opted glove category that is made to protect you and your partner is sparring glove. It is the most appropriate choice if you want to develop proper skills and technique, instead of knocking down your partner. Most of the sparring gloves have balanced weight distribution from knuckles to the wrist that provides support and protection to your hand.

  3. Training Gloves

    They are the perfect choice for the individuals who are new to boxing and doesn’t know where and how to start. Almost every novice to established boxer owns a pair of training gloves. They are designed specifically to suit the practice needs, i.e punching heavy bags, mitts training, sparring etc.. There are some of the training glove brands that are not soft enough for serving multiple purposes. If you want all-purpose gloves that are affordable and of good quality, get one from Benza Sports.

  4. Fighting Gloves

    Fighting gloves are used for competitive fights and tournaments. They have smaller padding and offers more compaction that can hurt your opponent. Try to use them only during the fights, as they can hurt your hands due to lesser padding.

  5. Kick Boxing Gloves

    These gloves are manufactured by top brands like Muay Thai and Kick Boxing. They are designed to serve multiple purposes and suits both training and sparring needs. These flexible glove categories allow a boxer to grab his opponents easily and use his hands during the fights.

These are the most common glove categories that can help you train and fight like a pro. If you are looking to buy high quality boxing gloves, you can go through our range of online boxing gloves at Benza sports.