3 Things to Consider Before Buying Boxing Shoes

The foremost thing that comes to mind while talking about boxing is a pair of boxing gloves. Though shoes are not the first piece of equipment to be thought of, having a good pair of boxing shoes is essential for comfort and confidence.

Unlike running shoes that are manufactured with a thick rubber sole for shock absorption, boxing shoes consist of a thin sole that helps in landing your feet sprightly. These lightweight shoes enable a player to push off the ground quickly with ease. Moreover, they offer additional support and balance that are critical needs of the boxing sport.

Few things to keep in mind while selecting the perfect boxing shoes are:

  1. Support
  2. Before buying a pair of shoes, understand your needs and level of comfort you want. Most of the players want extra support to their feet while playing. For such individuals, supportive traditional high-cut boots are beneficial. Though they offer support, these boots may feel to be uncomfortable, cumbersome and restrictive for daily use.

    If you are looking for comfortable and lightweight boots, then low cut boxing shoes are extremely recommended. Since they are shorter, they allow rotation og ankle at a greater rotation angle. Just going through product details aren’t the best idea to buy shoes, try to buy both of them to experience which one works better for your feet.

  3. Material
  4. Boxing shoes are made of specialized material compared to the regular sport shoes. They are specifically designed to enhance comfort and performance of a player. Most of the manufacturers use leather or suede material for the body of the shoe, since these materials are flexible and lightweight.

    Doesn’t matter, which material you are choosing, just remember that your shoes are an extension of yourself and should make you feel like you’re not wearing anything. In other words, buy boxing shoes that are extremely comfy and offer ample breathing ability to your foot.

  5. Sole
  6. Sole is the last thing to consider when it comes to boxing shoes. Since grip and contact to the ground is something that makes you stand property, select shoes that offer overall mobility. The material and design of the sole plays a critical role in improving your performance during the training session or final match.

    If your pair of shoes offer good mobility, you can easily and quickly change your posture and direction. The most commonly found soles are made of rubber or form of non-stick material. Shoes that consists of a thinner sole can help in making better grip and full-contact with the ground along with preventing slips.

These are the few things to consider before buying boxing shoes. If you are looking to buy best shoes for boxing for an online purchase, visit our shopping section at Benza Sports.