Why Should You Wear a Mouth Guard While Boxing?

For playing on a safe side, all you need is proper sparring technique and access to all those safety gears that are required in boxing. Consider wearing each and every safety gear from the knee & elbow pad to the mouth guard. Though most people realize the worth of wearing a mouth guard in martial art games, there are still many who aren’t aware of the benefits these gear provide.

Every instructor should make his students wear a boxing mouth guard during the warm up, drills, rolling, and conditioning sessions. These soft, yet uncomfortable plastic pieces should be there in your jaw, before stepping out on a mat.

Some reasons that provoke the need of wearing a mouth guard are:

  1. They protect your teeth

    This is the most obvious reason why players often use these safety gears. Since boxing is a punching game, even an accidental punch on your face can make your tooth fall. The only way to prevent lost or loose teeth is to wear a quality mouth guard during the matches and training sessions.

  2. Help prevent brain damage

    Though it might sound strange, but mouth guard protection is somehow related with the brain. If you get a direct hit over your loose jaw, there are great chances that you’ll experience a knockout and blurry vision. As jaw is attached to the skull, a slam on the jaw will surely have a drastic effect on your brain.

    The ultimate effect you’ll receive is loss of consciousness. In contrast, a mouth guard assists in keeping the jaw at its place during impact. This means both your neck and skull will remain stabilized and simultaneously a serious brain injury will be prevented.

  3. They enhance performance

    Though mouth guards are soft to bite, they can impair the normal breathing in some way. Most of the boxing instructors believe that they are responsible for inducing mild hypoxia which is considered a beneficial adaptation for athletes. Some of the studies show that wearing a mouth guard do have some positive psychological effects. It basically makes a boxer toughen up his mentally thinking that he is safe and can play in a better manner, without worrying about any risk for injuries.

These are the damn good reasons that promote the benefits and need of wearing a mouth guard during boxing. If you are looking for the best martial art safety gears and online boxing gloves, Benza Sports is here to assist you. We are an online supply store for boxing and martial art equipments.