How To Choose The Right Size Boxing Gloves For Your Practice

Boxing GlovesBoxing gloves are also known as the training gloves which are used by the boxers during their training sessions although these gloves are different from the gloves wore during competition. The primary purpose of wearing the gloves is protecting your hands from injuries during the practice session.

When it comes to choosing the right size of gloves, you may be looking for assistance. So, here we go:

How To Select Right Size Gloves?
Size of gloves is measured in units that are also called ounces or oz. You must buy the boxing gloves that suits your weight correctly. For this, the below chart can help you.

  • 120lbs & below : 12oz or 14oz
  • 120lbs – 150lbs : 14oz – 16oz
  • 150lbs – 180lbs : 16oz – 20oz
  • 180lbs & above : 18oz & above

Types of Gloves

  • Lace protector
  • Bag gloves
  • Pro -fight gloves
  • Training gloves
  • Amateur Competition Gloves
  • MMA Gloves

Which Glove Is Best For You?
You can find the boxing gloves made of durable and high-quality material. The boxing gloves with Velcro and leather backed stitching is more safe and reliable to keep on the practice session. On the other hand, the boxing gloves stitched with nylon thread and padded using the high-density polyurethane best fit to you. Most sports person opt for leather gloves for better grip.

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